Payroll expertise to power your business

ADP® Payroll helps you to:

Reduce Risks

With a system designed to reduce risks and avoid unnecessary costs, you can deliver consistent and compliant payroll every payday.

Increase efficiency

Easy-to-use and intuitive systems for tracking and auditing the payroll process helps you increase efficiency and reduce potential liability risks.

Unify the experience

A scalable and consistent solution provides a seamless payroll and reporting experience across your various business departments, regions or countries.

Payroll solutions for the world at work

ADP delivers scalable payroll solutions around the world for companies of any size. Our solutions, delivered through innovative technology-enabled services, help simplify payroll, ensuring compliance and accuracy, while offering insights and payroll expertise to help improve your business decision-making.

Unlike other payroll approaches that may offer limited regional or country coverage, or lack liability protection, ADP’s extensive network of experts help make sure our solutions meet your needs.

Payroll is what we do, and we’ve made it simple.


Simpler payroll

ADP Payroll helps you overcome the complexities and risks associated with sourcing, managing and delivering payroll services.

Increased accuracy

Unify and standardise your payroll processes and achieve a best-in-class model with the help of ADP Payroll. 

Unleash growth

ADP Payroll supports your company’s growth into new markets, while handling new complexities.

Insightful decision-making

Enjoy a single view of your workforce data for reporting and analytics to make insightful fact-based decisions.

Cutting-edge security

Ensure the safety of your data with the award-winning data security and privacy standards provided by ADP Payroll.

Unified data

ADP Payroll can use your existing employee data to help unify your payroll and employee management.

Solutions For India

For companies located in India looking for a local payroll solution

ADP Vista

ADP Vista offers organisations of all sizes across all industries a hassle-free, highly secure end-to-end payroll solution. It simplifies payroll processes, provides accurate calculation of employees’ pay and complies with laws and regulations of your local statutory boards.

Knowing that employees’ privacy is now a priority for all businesses, ADP Vista provides the highest level of data security and privacy.

It also improves employees’ interactions with HR. A mobile-enabled, secured self-service portal enables them to book leave and check their leave and pay details at any time, from anywhere. 

ADP Vista helps businesses to be more efficient and reduce costs, providing better time management and adopting payroll best practices which help contribute greatly to business growth.


Global Solutions

For multinational companies looking for a global solution

At least 1 country > 1000 ees
+ several smaller countries

ADP Global Payroll is a solution for multinationals with at least a country with more than 1000 employees and multiple smaller countries with an employee base below 1000. ADP Global Payroll combines our global flagship payroll products ADP Celergo and ADP Globalview Payroll unifying a single reporting solution for all of your countries.

All countries < 1000 ees

ADP Celergo has been designed to deliver global payroll to multinational organisations with less than 1000 employees per country. The service is provided through a unified worldwide network of more than 140 local ADP and non-ADP payroll solutions.

At least 1 country > 1000 ees

ADP GlobalView Payroll has been designed for larger multinational organisations with at least one country with more than 1000 employees. It supports enterprise payroll in 42 countries globally with a single global platform.


We have three different levels of service and their availability and scope may vary according to the chosen solution:

Processing Services

We host the platform, administer upgrades and provide business-hours support. You manage data entry, as well as validate the accuracy of the data output (available in local offers and ADP GlobalView Payroll).

Managed Services

In addition to hosting the platform, administering upgrades and providing support during working hours, we run the payroll process and validate the accuracy of the data output for you.

Comprehensive Services (COS)

We host the platform, administer upgrades, provide 24/7 support and handle all your payroll duties, including a helpdesk to manage your employee requests (available in ADP GlobalView Payroll).

Not sure which is the best payroll solution for you?

Trusting a new partner to manage your payroll systems is a big decision. We’d love to schedule a 30-minute consultation to identify your key needs and work with you to find a solution that’s right for your business.

Why trust ADP with your payroll?

By transferring the responsibility for payroll and employee screening to ADP we don’t have to worry about delays or errors. We trust ADP to get the job done accurately.

Dilanka Kalutota, Technical Project Manager, American Apparel


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